Chestnut roaster

Chestnut Roaster

Get ready for the autumn already, with a nice and useful innovation: the chestnut roaster by Ferraboli! Make perfect roast chestnuts right on your home cooker or on a barbecue. Thanks to the battery operated motor, you just have to wait the chestnuts to be ready... and enjoy them!

Kebab grill


Automatic kebab grills that can be used on Ferraboli BBQs. The battery-operated motor means that the kebab skewers are rotated automatically, preventing the meat from burning and, more importantly, giving you the chance to relax for a few minutes!

Roma Inox Barbecue

Roma Inox Barbecue

This is the best looking BBQ in the “column” line. Made entirely from stainless steel with a round 50 cm grill, it is perfect for picnics with friends and family. Easy to assemble, its large round brazier helps spread the charcoal and heat evenly for cooking.

Vulcano Barbecue: BBQ of the year 2014

Barbecue Vulcano

One of the top products by Ferraboli: voted BBQ of the year 2014. A gas barbecue with wheels, two ample shelves and with an external burner. Two separate steel burners are used to heat the lava rock, distributing the heat very evenly.

I can't stand people who do not take food seriously.

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Latest News

  • Museum of Rotisserie, "from Leonardo... to Ferraboli"
    Museum of Rotisserie, “from Leonardo… to Ferraboli”
    THE ROTISSERIE OVER TIME, HISTORY AND TRADITION OF A CULTURE. The skewer or “Spiedo”, from the Latin word spetus, changes from cold steel weapon to primeval utensil and becomes a useful tool to cook meat on fire. Today we identify...
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  • In Marseille with "Journée des Collections des Jardin"
    In Marseille with “Journée des Collections des Jardin”
    From 7 to 9 April Ferraboli will be attending the fair “Journée des Collections des Jardin “in  Marseille, the professional fair of garden furniture and accessories. The company opens the new 2015 season in France by introducing new products and...
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  • The garden international trade fair: Spoga – Gafa
    The garden international trade fair: Spoga – Gafa
    From August 31 to September 2 2014 Ferraboli will be present at the Fair in Cologne. Mimma Ferraboli and Davide Apollonio are going to meet the leading international companies in the field to present fabulous news for the barbecue season 2015 with new products and...
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  • Spit Roaster Machine Museum in Prevalle
    Spit Roaster Machine Museum in Prevalle
    The Spit Roaster Machine Museum will open in 2014 at the historic “Palazzo Morani” in Prevalle. This project would not have been possible without the donation of period pieces carefully collected and repaired by Mario and Mimma Ferraboli. Valle Sabbia...
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Why choose Ferraboli?

  • Made in Italy products
  • Certified quality
  • Easy to assemble
  • Versatile products
  • Long-lasting product guarantees
  • It's fun to barbecue!

Let us help improve your dishes

  • Follow the advice of the Chef Carlo Bresciani
    Follow the advice of the Chef Carlo Bresciani
    There are many dishes that you can cook with fire and embers using a barbecue, a spit roaster or a grid. In this review I would like to give you a few...
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  • Beef fillet
    Beef fillet
    Marinate the meat in a mixture of oil and lemon for about 2/3 hours. Heat the cast iron plate on your gas stove until it’s very hot, place the fillet in the...
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  • Aromatic herbs
    Aromatic herbs
    Fresh or dry aromatic herbs offer precious alliance to your grilled dishes. You can choose among classical herbs  such as  thyme and rosemary to many others, but be careful. They should not...
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